Snark Is Not an Imaginary Critter

Some friends and family think I’m a copywriter. It does sound similar to “copy editor” and looks a lot like its smashed-together cousin, “copyeditor.” No worries. Despite my smartassness, I’m not a hater. I get it. But if I had a job writing sarcastic gold like this, I might switch professions.

Tony Simmons gives us a little insight:

I wrote and designed these because building management required that we have no parking signs when the Atlanta arm of Partners + Napier moved its office to midtown. I thought it was a cool way to promote the agency, perhaps attract a client. You never knew who might steal one of our spots.

And I could use about a thousand Inconsideration Notices for every month of the year.

Inconsideration Notice double

Parking Notice condo

Parking Notice shopping

Parking Notice job interview

Parking Notice employed

Parking Notice drunk

Parking notice cheapskate

Parking Notice food


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