Snark Is Not an Imaginary Critter

Some friends and family think I’m a copywriter. It does sound similar to “copy editor” and looks a lot like its smashed-together cousin, “copyeditor.” No worries. Despite my smartassness, I’m not a hater. I get it. But if I had a job writing sarcastic gold like this, I might switch professions. Continue reading “Snark Is Not an Imaginary Critter”


Old-School Hyperlinking


Have you seen the funny and “clever illustrations of bad decisions”? In the same vein, Evan Robertson, a New York–based graphic designer and writer, created a line of striking illustrations based on quotes from famous authors. He described his inspiration for the series in a Huffington Post interview, deftly breaking it down for the internet generation: Continue reading “Old-School Hyperlinking”

Death and Typography

Trying to nail down which font is friendly and approachable is about as confusing as figuring out which coffin best speaks to the dearly departed’s personality.



Eat Your Heart Out, Tom Selleck


  • To hoist and secure with a rope
  • A very short period of time; an instant
  • A piece of art I found on a wall

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